mercoledì 14 febbraio 2007


Rebecca Murgi
Born in Ancona 19.08.1967

1985-1989 dancer and choreographer in the company “Cast Quinto Piano” Ancona (Italy)
1989 dance-theatre company “Teatro del Canguro” Ancona (Italy)
1992 performance “Balli al madrigale” with the company “D’Ansica”
1993 dancer in “See me and suffer” directed by Simone Sandroni
1994 dancer in the dance-film “naravabeso” directed by Isztok Kovac
1994 presentation of the duet “Giornata Uggiosa” with Ana Rita Barata within the “Dança à Hora do Almoço” promoted by Acarte
1995 dancer and choreographer in the solo performance “Magnum Miraculum” , selected in Aerowaves 1997
1996 dancer and choreographer in the duo “Focus on L”, produced by Festival INTEATRO Polverigi (Italy)
1998 choreographer in the duo “Soku”, an International choreographic project realized in Oslo (Norway) and performed in Groningen (Nederland)
1998 dancer and choreographer in “Physis” a group piece with five dancers and live music played by the trio “Joshua Shamson and the Audible life stream” and composed by Dick Van der Harst
1999 choreographer in “Senza Identità” a group piece with four dancer from PalermoDanza
2000 dancers in “Aprilfools” directed by Valentina Cabro (Ljubljana)
2000 dancer in “advilàvapulà” directed by Paola Bartoletti (Gent - Belgium) and music by Dick Van der Harst
2001 dancer and choreographer in the solo “io sono shake”, produced by Szene Salzburg (Austria), Dans in Kortrijk (Belgio), Pupenhaus (Germania), Armunia (Italia), AMAT - Teatri di Civitanova (Italia), PalermoDanza (Italia), CRT Milano (Italia)
2001 dancer in “Perfect Step” directed by Isztok Kovac (Slovenia) company “EN-KNAP”
2001 dancer in “Gli Scordati” directed by Giorgio Rossi (Italy) company “Sosta Palmizi”
2002 choreographer in XIDA Group (Linz, Austria) of the performance “No words to say”
2003 choreographer and dancer in Collective with other 6 artists (Rebecca Murgi, Varinia Canto Vila,Katarina Stegnar, Emil Krvatin,Bojana Cvejic,Ugo Dehaes,Alix Einaudi) in the show "COLLECTIF BY COLLECTIF"
2004 choreographer with Giorgio Rossi in “HIC”
2004 choreographer in “Fuzzy time” with the music live of the orchestra “filarmonica of Jesi” produced by INTEATRO and Pergolesi di Jesi
2004 "Zarjavele Trabente" Assistantce for direction with Branco Potocan (Slovenia)
2005 dancer and choreographer in “a me occorrono precipizi/ il valico” directed by Bobo Nigrone (Onda Teatro)
2005 dancer of “room and road” directed by Mateja Bucar (slovenia)
2005 chorographer of the circus group COLLECTIF AOC in “question de direction” (France)
2006 dancer with Silvia Traversi in “Fessure”
2006 choreographer with Editta Brawn dance company in “matches of time”
2006 dancer with Mateja Bucar in “the brother Karamazov” produced by DUM (Slovenia)


1987 one year attendance at the “London Contemporary School”
1989-1991 participation to many contemporary dance workshops: Cunningam, Limon, Martha Graham, Jazz and Ballet Techniques;
1991-1995 attendance at the “College of Arts” Arnhem (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Arnhem) - E.D.D.C.(European Dance Development Centre)


Guest teacher 1989/2006 in the professional workshop in Inteatro Polverigi (Italy)
Guest teacher from 2003/2005 in AGON group dance academy in Ljubljana (Slovenia)Guest teacher in 2002 and 2004 in XIDA group in Linz(Austria)
Guest teacher from 2000/2006 in the dance academy SEAD in Salsburg (Austria)
Guest teacher 2006 in Maribor (Slovenia)
Guest teacher 2006 in IFA (Inteatro Festival Academy)


“VOLO BASSO” directed by Rebecca Murgi and Lucia Mascino
“DEEP IN THE WOOD” directed by Thierry de Mey
“NARAVABESO” directed by Isztok Kovac